Deal for Regulations Pass California Legislature

September 14, 2015 Industry, Politics


We did it! After 20 years without statewide regulations, the California Legislature has taken an important first step in creating a legal framework for medical cannabis. CCIA members, board and staff were central to the process — advocating for the cannabis industry and pushing back against the most harmful proposals. The resulting legislation isn’t perfect, but it’s an important first step towards a safer, more professional industry.

I think it’s fair to say most CCIA members understand the need for regulation and are glad California has started the process. That said, we believe parts of the bills need fixing. We are eager to hear what you think. We will continue relying on feedback from our members to help us develop follow up legislation — and to take part in the rulemaking process — to address these issues. That said, the clear message from our members has been: even overly strict regulation is better than no regulation at all.

We also hope this legislation will put California in compliance with the U.S. Department of Justice guidelines, which ought to end federal prosecution of lawful cannabis operators in California. The citizens of California spoke clearly when they voted for medical cannabis in 1996; their elected representatives have just spoken again. We hope the Federal government will respect California’s clear desire to have a well-regulated medical cannabis industry.

Our expectation is that California will now be able to take it’s rightful place as the center of investment and innovation in the cannabis economy. Governor Brown and his colleagues in the legislature have just given the green light to let California’s cannabis industry become the thriving, tax-paying, job-creating industry it was always destined to become.

We’re taking the weekend off to recuperate. Monday morning we’ll be back at work, negotiating with the state to get the regulatory details right — and planning for legalization of recreational marijuana at the ballot box in 2016.

Nate Bradley, Executive Director, CCIA

September 12, 2015 – Sacramento, California