3rd Gen Family

3rd Gen Family Farms have grown a multi-generational cannabis legacy and as lead breeders in the Cannabis market, they sweep cups up from competitions throughout California. Not only for their legendary genetics but their rosin, hash and concentrates.

Purple Line Media was approached by 3rd Gen Family Farms to design their seed, concentrate and flower packaging for the 2017 Emerald Cup where they took home 1 award for flower and 10 awards for concentrates.

The challenge presented was to develop premium custom packaging on an extremely expedited timeline. In order to facilitate timing, Purple Line Media developed a common box structure with unique inserts for two of the product offerings which cut down on R&D.

The branding is a throw back to retro cars and moonshiners. Even though there are two sub-brands, Dying Breed Seeds and Moonshine Melts, the logos and branding on the boxes and bags were treated the same to tie them back to the 3rd Gen parent company. We didn’t want the various products to look like they came from separate companies even though they are 3 different product category offerings.

Dying Breed Seeds and Moonshine Melts had existing illustrations that were provided by the client. These illustrations were worked in as a spot gloss treatment on the inside of the boxes which served to elevate the look while still paying homage to the original branding.

The strain labels were designed to wrap around the bottom of the boxes and act as a tamper band. We went with black and gold metallized labels for the Moonshine Melts and black labels with bright contrasting colors for the Dying Breed Seeds.



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    Brand Identity, Packaging Design
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    3rd Gen Family Farms

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