Definition: Dogwalker is street slang for small, fast-acting, compact, full flower, pre-rolled joints that provide a quick personal session.

Purple Line Media’s client wanted to take advantage of this slang equity by dedicating a brand to “Dogwalkers”. The target consumer for the brand is the Urban Millennial but beyond that, Purple Line wanted to create a brand look that was just as memorable as the brand name.

We started by featuring a woman in the logo. Women in Cannabis branding and advertising are routinely featured as voluptuous and scantily clad and are objectified to sell product. We wanted to break this stigma and instead, featured a woman of proportional stature, smoking a pre-roll and walking her dog. The graphic has a bit of a retro feel, playing homage to the Morton Salt Girl. Even though we used the image of a woman, the fact that it’s a silhouette and the use of the san-serif font in the word Dogwalkers, gives the branding a gender neutral feel.

For the packaging, the small pre-rolls were put in a pocket-sized tin which makes it conveniently portable. The tin was fully branded with a city-scape backdrop to appeal to the Urban consumer. The colors of the tins are meant to be bright but again, gender neutral, assigning calming purple for the Indica strain and a cheery yellow for the Sativa strain. The Dogwalker logo was embossed to bring a tactile feel to the packaging.


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