Humboldt Alchemy Group

Humboldt Alchemy Group is a Clean Green Certified extraction facility located in Humboldt California and was the first company in Humboldt County to have received a state license under the new era of legalization. They are one of the largest oil processors in Northern California but they approached Purple Line Media to design Humboldt Alchemy’s first bespoke brand.

Sustainable, compliant, packaging was of utmost importance to the client given their Clean Green ideals. The oil of Humboldt Alchemy is also super premium so Purple Line Media was challenged to create a fully sustainable package that was both high-quality and child-resistant. For the branding, we drew inspiration from free mason and alchemy symbols. The logo incorporates this imagery in a seal rather than an in-line logo to drive home the feeling of certified quality.

For the packaging, Purple Line Media designed a common, child-resistant, black box with wrap around, custom sleeves. This allowed the customer the flexibility to print large quantities of the common box and then print cost-effective artwork variations for line extensions, cartridge sizes and compliance changes. The sleeve artwork features rich oil graphics that were hit with a spot gloss to further saturate the color of the oil.



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    Brand Identity, Packaging Design
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    Humboldt Alchemy Group
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