Swami Select

In the heart of California’s Emerald Triangle, Swami Select cannabis grows under sun, moon and stars. Called “The Swami of Pot” by Rolling Stone Magazine, Swami Chaitanya is a radical classical so we at Purple Line Media, thought we would have a little fun with some Swami Illustrations. The goal of these illustrations were to capture the youthful, bright spirit of Swami and would later be utilized on strain labels, hang tags, swag and marketing materials.

We wanted the Swami figures to embody the various Cannabis strain effects so we went with Active, Meditative, Calm & Clear and Uplifting. After the illustrations were finished they were applied to decorative hang tags and strain labels that also incorporate classic Sri Yantra patterns.

Along with strain label creation and illustration work, Purple Line Media also sourced the components necessary to make Swami’s Miron jars child-resistant resealable. We also updated the jar decoration art to be compliant in California’s 2019 Cannabis market.

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    Brand Identity, Marketing Collateral, Packaging Design
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    Swami Select
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