Weird Science

Lets get weird! The founders of Weird Science come from the world of science. They design and build their own extraction equipment which allows for greater product innovation. Given their innovative approach on Cannabis we wanted the packaging and packaging structures to be as equally innovative.


For the Weird Science logo we gave it a retro feel with a modern twist. We wanted to pay homage to the eighties when science was cool but still have it feel relevant for today.


The most innovative offering¬†from Weird Science is their shatter “Disk”. For the packaging structure we pulled inspiration from the old school Floppy Disk.

It was important to the client that each package have a clear window to show off the purity of the product inside. The orbiting molecules in the Weird Science logo were repeated around each window to tie it all together.

For the packaging structure we used a common custom structure with a unique insert for both the Vape Pen and the concentrates in order to reduce costs.

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    Brand Identity, Packaging Design
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    Weird Science Labs
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